Help with baby vest

I finished shaping the armhole of my grandson’s baby vest (thanks again Sue for helping with the measurement!) and I came to the last sentence of this section of directions and I don’t understand it.

It says: Cast off (34 sts. in my case),placing markers to indicate back of neck at each side of centre ( 22 sts. in my case).

This is a Sirdar pattern. Is “centre” English for “center”?
I am not going to bind off, I’m going to put on holder and then graft the shoulder seams.

Does this mean I count 22 sts. from each end and place a marker there? That would leave me with 10 sts. in the “center” and 12 on each side.

Am I doing this so I match something up on the patteren when I do the front of the vest?

Thank you!
Jen :knitting: :knitting:

This is for the back of the neck, to make it lower, then you knit a row or two on each shoulder. The numbers you give are very confusing - how many sts do you have total?

Hi Sue,
Sorry about that, I will just type out how it is written in the pattern:

Cont without shaping until armholes measure 4 3/4(5 1/4:[B]5 1/2[/B]:6:6 1/4:6 1/2}in), ending with a ws row.

Cast off 26 (30:[B]34[/B]:36:38:42) sts, placing markers to indicate back of neck at each side of centre 18(20:[B]22[/B]:22:26:26)sts.

(the numbers in bold are the numbers for my size)

I hope this is better.

Thank you!

Okay, the 22 sts are the center of your work, you must have 90 sts at this point. You would place markers after 34 sts from the beginning and also 34 sts from the end so you have 22 sts in the middle. Since you want to graft the shoulders, you wouldn’t cast off those 34 sts then, just leave them on the needle. Are you supposed to cast off the 22 sts, or just leave them on a holder?

Hi Sue,
I have followed this patten exactly to this point and it says I am suppose to have 34 sts for my 6-12 months size (and I do) and then it says to cast off the 34 sts. BUT, (I was just going to place them on a holder and then graft the front and back shoulders together later.)

Did you manage to figure this out?

I have a lot of Sirdar patterns, so if you are still having problems perhaps you could let me know the pattern number and I’ll check if I have it so that I can think it through.

By my reckoning, if you have a total of 34sts and the centre 22sts are the back of the neck, that leaves 6sts at each end, which are stitched to the shoulder fronts.

How many stitches are you supposed to have at the shoulders for the front piece?