Help with baby sweater pattern

I’m having difficulty with this pattern and probably should know the answer but I’m stumped!!
I’ve knitted the body in one piece to the armholes and now I’m stuck. Can anyone help with the divide for armholes part? Am I to place the sleeve stitches on the purl row and purl across? Or am I working only on the back along with the sleeve stitches. Any help is very much appreciated.

This is link to the pattern:

Thank you.

Purl across one front, purl across one sleeve, purl across the back, then the other sleeve and the second front. From now on you’ll be working on all the sts for the entire sweater (23-29-44-29-23) and shaping the yoke.
Very sweet sweater.

Thank you! I’m going to make notes for the next time I make this sweater.

Thank you again!
I was able to complete the sweater!

What a treasure! That is going to look wonderful on a very well-dressed baby.