Help with Baby Sweater needed

I started the Seamless Yoked Baby Sweater and have run into a problem

The 9th row says: K4, increase in next st, K2 repeat across, end K4.

This is supposed to increase from 60 (CO stitches) to 78. I come out with way more stitches than that. Is this a misprint or am I just not reading it correctly?

I am mathematically challenged, I am having trouble figuring out how many I should actually knit in between the increases. Would it be 3?

Thanks ever so much :lol:


I am working on this pattern, but I just did it w/o thinking about it. I hope I did it right. :teehee:

Anyway…I just figured it out on paper and got 78. The reason you are probably getting more stitches is the way you are increasing/counting the stitches. Read the directions carefully;

[B] The 9th row says: K4, increase in [/B][U][B][I]nex[/I][/B][/U][B][U][I]t[/I][/U] st, K2 repeat across, end K4.

[/B]K4 then you increase in the next stitch which would be the FIFTH stitch. K2 then increase in the next stitch and that would be the EIGHTH stitch. There are TWO plain knit stitches between each increase. You do not increase on the second k2 stitch.

Does that help?

Hm - that’s what I thought I did: inc, k2, inc, k2, etc.

So when I figure it out, there are 8 border stitches which leaves 52 in the middle. If I inc,k2, inc, k2 etc. I come out with 86 stitches. So now I am really baffled. Sorry but I cannot get this one.

Could you walk me thru how you figured it out?

Well, I am mathematically challenged so I did it graphically which takes a lot more time. What I did on in notepad was to make 60 marks like this only more of them… the red ones are the KNIT ONLY, the blue ones are KNIT stitches with INCREASE (kfb).

[COLOR=Red]||||[/COLOR] [B][COLOR=Blue]|[/COLOR][/B] [COLOR=Red]||[/COLOR] [B][COLOR=Blue]|[/COLOR][/B] [COLOR=Red]|| [/COLOR][B][COLOR=Blue]|[/COLOR][/B] [COLOR=Red]|| [/COLOR][B][COLOR=Blue]|[/COLOR][/B] across ending in a k4.

[COLOR=Red]You said: inc, k2, inc, k2[/COLOR]

Are you: inc, k1, and then increasing kfb into the second knit stitch? If so then that is what you are doing wrong.

You need to k4, increase into NEXT stitch which is the 5th stitch. (6 st on your needle) k2 with NO increases, increase in the NEXT stitch (9 st on needle), etc ending with k4.

Just remember that in between the increases are two knit stitches that have NO increases. So it’s basically every 3rd stitch.

Does this help?

Yes, yes, yes!

I realized I was kfb for the increase. but used the k in the front of the increase as the first K. So when I kfb, [I]then [/I]K2 it worked out fine.

Thank you soooooooooooooooooooo much.

You’re welcome!

I just finished the arms on mine so after I weave in the ends and get buttons I’ll post the FO.

Great! Can’t wait to see it!