Help with baby romper pattern

First of all, thank you for this group! I always get the answers I need to finish my projects. I’m currently doing a baby romper picture below and I’m knitting on the round. However, I’m confused on the instructions, I already counted 50 stitches front place marker and then 50 on the back. Total 100 stitches.
I’m confused on the round instructions, round 1 should include 100 of the stitches or just the front with the pattern?
Please if somebody could help!! Thank you in advance

You should be knitting over all the stitches, front and back, now in the round.
It looks to me like it should be 112sts unless you’ve changed the pattern. Did you cast on 12 sts at the ends of both rows 20 and 21?

Hi, I did but when I got to the body part after the decreases it mentions 50 + 50 stitches so I thought 100 was the desired number :woozy_face: I now have 100 stitches total in the round and got so confused because it seems that the whale pattern is also on the back of the design. :frowning::frowning:

OK, if you’ve joined to knit in the round and worked the decreases every 5 rounds then 100 sts is correct.

Make sure that the whale chart is on the front however. The front is the part that started with 16sts and increased to 32sts before the cast on of 12sts each side. It looks as though the back is going to be shorter than the front (about 20 rows before the border vs 33 rows for the front).