Help with baby onesie pattern

I’m using a lion brand pattern #1103 "Knit Baby Onesy"
i got to the point where you put the back left leg stitches on a stitch holder, but then i got stuck. Do you continue you with the same piece of yarn for the right back leg? Or do you cut the yarn and before starting the right back leg?

If the other leg starts in a different spot, you can’t really continue with the same yarn. If you don’t want to cut just now, take the end from the other end of the skein or a new skein to begin.

You might just as well cut the yarn and place the left leg sts on a holder or waste yarn. After you knit the right leg, you’ll knit across the left leg sts with the working yarn that you’ve been using for the right leg and continue knitting the body of the onesie.