Help with Baby Norgi pattern

I’m attempting (very slowly) to knit this pattern ISSUEspring03/PATTbabynorgi.html on (sorry, this is not allowing me to post a proper link) and have reached the Front Neck Shaping section. I don’t understand what I’m meant to do from the ‘begin working back and forth’ instruction.

It’s says to bind off the rows, but do I have to knit all the way to
the end of what was the round, then turn and purl? It says ‘At the same time, shape the back neck’. Do I knit along from the front neck, keep going to the back and then do the back neck shaping instructions and then carry on round to the other side of the front before I turn? How do I ‘work each side of the body separately’ if it’s all being worked flat now?

Sorry if I’m being really dense, almost in tears with frustration here though! Thank you for any help

The Link

Where in the pattern are you? I’m having a hard time finding it. Thanks.

Sounds like the directions at the line 4 of the Front Neck shaping.
You have a marker for the beginning of round. Let’s use the smallest size as an example. Knit 42sts, bind off 15sts and knit to the end of round. Break off the yarn leaving about a 6 inch tail. Slip the next 42sts (the left shoulder) to the right needle. On the other side of the bound off sts is the right shoulder. Re-attach the end of the yarn strand at the other end of the gap and bind off 3sts, knit to the end of round and then on to the gap (ignore the end of round marker). Turn and bind off 3sts on the purl side. You’ll be knitting back and forth from now on.
Do all the bind offs at the beginning of the knit row and then at the beginning of the purl row. Continue until you get to the correct length and then bind off for the back of neck. After that, you’ll be working the right side and the left side separately.
I’ve got this pattern bookmarked to make soon so I’m very glad you asked these questions.

Thank you so much! Sorry to ask another question, but once I’ve bound off the centre 29 sts at the back neck, will I be working 2 sides separately each consisting of some of the front neck and some of the back? Sort of the top of the shoulders?
Again thanks so much for any help !

Yes, that’s it exactly. It’s an unusual construction but you have the idea.
Good luck with it. We’d love to see a photo of this adorable sweater when you finish if you’d like to post one.