Help with baby cardigan

I am soooo bad, I just ordered the hemp yarn from Lanaknits to make the baby’s pure & simple cardigan from Weekend Knitting. It seems like a simple pattern, but if anyone has already made one of these, I have a question.

It starts off with instructions for the back, no problem there. Next section is titled “Left Front.” It starts off with the very first line after the title saying “work same as back until piece measures 3” from beginning…" It can’t be the same as the back for a cardigan, can it? The left front section is followed by the right front, which indicates the same thing. The illustration and photo show a pretty regular looking cardigan with buttons down the front, how can the left and right fronts be the same # of sts as the back? The diagram shows the cardigan back at 10" and the cardigan front at 4.5" :thinking: . I’ve tried Google for errata info, I must be looking under the wrong criteria.

Should I just trust the pattern??? Overthinking? ( :wink: at Ingrid’s siggy)

Edited to clarify the question: there are no numbers given regarding how many stitches to cast on for the left front, although the diagram shows that the fronts are narrower than the back is.

I’m thinking “same as back” refers to stitch pattern. In other words if you are working the back in stockinette stitch, you would do the same for the front.

Any others want to clarify???


There’s a mistake there. You can’t possibly work the whole thing same as back. Same length as back, maybe, but they have to tell how how many to cast on and how to do the button holes and such.

Did you look on the Weekend Knitting site for errata?

Glad to know I wasn’t imagining things, Ingrid! I’ve googled for the book title, Melanie Falik, and the publisher, and come up dry in terms of errata or even web sites, I just keep getting references on where to buy the book. I’ll keep digging.

I realized when I got home that I have this book, so I took a look.

The sweater is knit from side to side rather than bottom to top, so you would work the front the same as the back up to a certain point. The back will measure a total of 9 1/2 inches from the beginning, while the front will end up measuing 4 1/2 inches from the beginning. These measurements end up being side to side when you hold the sweater as it is worn.

Ingrid, THANK YOU :heart: !

This book has been around awhile, it seemed like if there was a problem with the pattern it would be on the net somewhere. It didn’t even dawn on me that it was side-to-side, :doh:

Yay, now I can get started as soon as the yarn gets here! And yes, I should have trusted the pattern, if I had just started knitting it would have become obvious as I went along :rofling: .