Help with baby cardigan please!

I am knitting the Sidar 1818 v neck cardigan and I’ve almost finished but am confused with the last couple of rows.

It says “Patt and slip 3 stitches onto a stitch holder, cast off 57 sets, patt2.”

The pattern is a 3 stitch pattern at the beginning and end of each row.

Do I just do the first 3 stitches as per the pattern, then slip the next 3 onto a stitch holder?


They may be taking that last stitch that remains on the right hand needle after the cast off of 57sts into considerstion as one of the 3 sts. That would give you 3sts in pattern, cast off of 57sts and 3 sts at the end.
I’m not sure I understand what you mean about slipping 3sts to a holder. What is the 3stitch pattern that is worked at the beginning and end of row?

The pattern is k1, yfwd, k2tog

OK your pattern the first 3sts and then slip them to the holder. Cast off the 57sts and at the end of the cast off you have one stitch left of the right needle. Consider that the knit one and then yarn forward and k2tog.
Very sweet looking pattern.

Thank you! I’ll try this and see how it goes