Help with baby booties toe shaping

Hi Everyone

I am knitting a pair of baby booties

I am totally losing the toe shaping. At the end of 1st row: it says to sl1. yf. turn

Then the beginning of the 2nd row says to k2tog. Do I leave the yarn to the front while knitting 2 tog.?

Then at the end of the 2nd row I have a slipped stitch purlways and then turn?

I am totally confused for some reason with the whole shaping?

Can anyone have a look and try to explain to me if possible.

Also at the very beginning of the pattern there are a few yfwd. Why would there be holes on the soles and to the back?

The link didn’t go right to the booties, which ones are they?

But when you slip that stitch and put the yarn forward, when you turn, it will be in the back to knit the next two stitches together. At the end of the row, just do as the pattern says and slip the last stitch purlwise.

The yarn forwards for the rest? For a tie or ribbon? Decorative?

A look at the booties would help.

I tried to look at the pattern but your link didn’t work. You could just give us the name of the pattern at Bernat and we could find it that way, or…fix the link.

I was going to say what Ingrid did about when you turned and needed to K2tog. You want to put the yarn in back to knit.

I don’t know why the link is not working but the booties are the KW - booties (kn) on page 6 of the baby knit patterns

What is the point of doing a yf at the end of a row when you have to bring it to the back to k2tog at the beginning of the next row? I cant see the holes being for ribbon because they seem to be on the bottom. I hope you find the pattern as I am really stumped.

Sorry guys, I think I see the problem with the link. Try this

I hope this works because I really need help


I think the point of doing the yf on row 1 (and again on row 3) is so that the yarn is in the correct position to do the k2tog on the next row. And yes, the directions at the end of the 2nd row mean yf, slip a st purlwise and turn. Again, your yarn will be in the correct position to k2tog on row 3.

What is the point of doing a yf at the end of a row when you have to bring it to the back to k2tog at the beginning of the next row?

When you bring the yarn forward and then turn your work, it’s now in the back for knitting.

I got to look at the pattern. I think that the yf are just for increases and the hole is incidental. If you didn’t want the holes, you could do a more invisible increase.

Well, that makes sense Ingrid. I’ve never ran into a pattern which put holes in the work before unless of course they were meant to be there.