Help with baby blanket

I am very beginner and have instructions for easy baby blanket. The pattern is:
Cast on 96
Knit 10 rows
Row11: knit 10,purl across then knit last 10 stitches
Row 12: knit across
Row 13: knit 10., purl across then knit 10
Row 14 knit across.
Continue to repeat till length wanted
Knit last 10 rows and cast off

My problem is I am somehow picking up stitches. Not sure how. Help?

By looking at the stitches on the needle, can you tell how you’re picking them up? Does it look like you’re picking up the strand in between two stitches, or maybe knitting the same stitch twice?

Hard to tell without seeing how the work looks on your needles. :slight_smile:

It’s common for new knitters to pick up extra stitches. What usually happens is your left needle is accidentally picking up the stitch between or you are doing an accidental YO (yarn over). Both methods are increases often used in patterns for shaping or decorative effect.

I suspect you are adding accidental YO when switching from purling to knitting. If you leave the yarn in front after a purl and then knit you’ve got a YO.

So simple answer is be careful where your yarn when switching stitches and watch where your left needle is so you don’t pick up the stitch between.

Thanks for the response. Hopefully can find video that shows how to transition between knit and purl. That is where I am picking up the stitch. Not sure how I move the yarn so I do not do yarn over.

When you knit that the yarn is in the back of your work as it faces you. When you purl you bring the yarn from the back to the front BETWEEN the needles.

Since the yarn needs to be in back to knit if you forget after purling to move it back then you are probably taking the yarn over the top of the right needle to knit which adds an extra stitch via a YO.

This is a very good video showing how you move the yarn from back to front and front to back.

And this is a great video showing common mistakes for beginners that add an extra stitch.