Help with baby blanket

I started this baby blanket the other day, and it was coming along nicely (until I frogged it b/c there was something wrong with a stitch somewhere around the 10th row that my OCD couldn’t handle). But the only thing is, I’m having trouble with the cast on and knitting of the first few rows. First of all, casting on only 5 stitches is a first for me, and it’s really throwing me off…how do you divide it on your dpn’s? Do you use only 2, or try to use 3?

Secondly, when I finally managed to get past the first few rows, I noticed that I have huge holes for the increases. I mean it’s not terrible, because it looks like a flower design. But I’d rather get it to look like the pic on the pattern if possible. And goodness knows I don’t want my little beignet’s toosh to catch a draft!

You have to cast your stitches on 3 needles or you can’t knit in the round. I don’t know how to make your eyelets smaller, though. :thinking:

I just watched Amy’s video for magic-loop knitting, and I think that might work pretty good. Plus I’d rather not use dpn’s if I don’t absolutely have to. I’ll try that tonight and let you know how it works. Thanks so much…Ingrid Louise :eyebrow:

I’ve done this blanket about 4 times now (just started my 5th blanket), and I usually start out splitting the stitches between two needles and knitting with a third until the size gets substantial enough (20 or 30 stitches) for me to add in a fourth and/or fifth needle. Also, your holes may look large at first, but that’s usually because the knitting is being stretched. Once you get further along, it should straighten itself out and tighten up a bit.

Okay, thanks so much! I had started out trying it like you said, with the knitting on 2 needles and using a third as a working needle. But I was so worried that the end stitches would be stretched out, so I kept moving one stitch over to the other needle to try to avoid that. Aaah, can you tell I’ve been frustrated with this? :frowning:

But that’s okay, I’ll have plenty of time to work on it tonight (morning/afternoon/evening sickness can be good for some things…like giving you a reason to have to stay in bed…with knitting projects :wink: )

Watch out–you might start a plague of pregnancies–anything to stay in bed and knit! :rofling:

Hehe, you laugh, but the thought has actually crossed my mind…

Maybe my doc will put me on bedrest!!! Then I can knit ALL DAY!


You know you’re addicted to the knit when. . . . . . :rofling:

Someone on this forum PMd me to tell me she’s been dreaming about a pregnant me for a week now!! :shock:

Wouldn’t THAT be something, huh!?

Oh, Kelly, that’d be SO exciting! I’d so knit you a baby present!!! Although I’m sure more knitting would be the LAST thing you’d want! :thinking: I got it! I’d send you some of my yarn stash :smiley:

Oh, and I went to try the magic loop knitting last night…but my cable on my circs isn’t long enough. So today I’m making my way over to Hobby Lobby to get a better one.

Aw…thanks, Bek…wouldnt it be even funnier if I gave birth to a hank of yarn??? :roflhard:

ya know I told my friend the other night on the phone she better not drink the water lol in our small community alot of people are expecting back home in Wv :smiley:

Kelly, I swear, you crack me up every time! But i guess that would alleviate the need for me to send you some of my yarn supply :??

It’s been my experience (generally speaking) that people get prego in lots…as if it really WERE “in the water”!