Help with baby blanket pattern... has anyone used this pattern before?

Hey everyone, I have been knitting for a while now. Just trying to knit a baby blanket for my friend who is having a baby soon… I have tried this 6 times so far and I’m not sure why it doesn’t look right… I am consistently ending up with too many stitches meaning the pattern doesn’t line up… has anyone made this and have any tips? Or have another baby blanket that’s just as cute! Thanks in advance everyone!

First you have not explained where and what you are having problems with. I am currently working on a baby blanket which can be found for free from ravelry called “coral pattern tidy”. It explains the instructions in both words and in chart form

There is errata for this pattern. Maybe this will help?

Hi all sorry if there was confusion… must have missed explaining it…
I cast on 145 as asked and every time there’s too many stitches and the pattern doesn’t line up, the arrows aren’t arrows and the cable knit doesn’t line up… hope this helps explain it…

There is but only for the end I may have just picked something out side of my skill range unfortunately. I haven’t seen anyone else with this problem

I am asking about this, did you cast on enough for the borders and the field? By this I mean a bottom border and two side borders with the pattern are in the middle and then finished with the top seems like the stitches for the borders are not included.

Did you increase to 152sts as given in row 6?
The pattern is set up in row 7. There are 4sts, a 19stitch repeat and a final section of 15sts. It will help if you mark off these sts, especially the repeats. That’ll make sure you stay on track for this first row.
Quite often the problem is in working the yarn over. Bring the yarn to the front between the needles, then over the right needle to the back. That’s it, no extra stitch at the end, no knit stitch involved.

I’m increasing and YO as asked in the pattern… this is my first intermediate pattern and they are a lot harder than beginners! Could anyone explain what the (multiple of 19 stitches) means I’m seeing this on a lot of patterns and don’t quite understand!
Thanks everyone for your help :grinning:

A multiple of 19 means that there is a repeat of 19sts in the pattern. If you look at the sts required between the asterisks, they add up to 19sts. The 4 sts before the repeat and the 15sts following are another 19.

If you wanted to increase or decrease the width of the blanket, you could add or subtract groups of 19sts.

Because your pattern repeat has an equal number of decreases (2) and yarn overs (also 2), you’ll begin and end the row with the same number of sts.

Ok, so you are casting on and then knitting 5 rows, right?? Then Row 6 is the increase row. Then the pattern rows are Rows 7-14. Are you repeating Rows 7-14 every time??
Also, in each row, which part are you repeating?? For instance, in Row 7 you will follow the instructions across the row, and then repeat from where the * is. Don’t start from where the Knit 4 is.

Hope this helps,