Help with baby bib pattern

Hi I am a new knitter working on the baby bib o’ love from Mason Dixon Knitting. It is a really basic pattern but I am confused about one thing and was hoping to get some help.

I have completed the bib part and am now working on the straps. It says to k10, bo 20 then k10. It then says to continue knitting the last 10 stitches until you have completed the strap. Once the strap is completed bind off those stitches and go back to working on the other 10 stitches to knit the second strap. I am almost done with the first strap but don’t understand how I get my working yarn back to the first 10 stitches. I don’t get it. What am I missing? Thanks in advance for the help!

I suppose that the authors didn’t supply this information because Mason-Dixon wasn’t really written for beginners, and they assumed readers would know how to do what you’re asking about.

Actually, you [I]don’t [/I]get the working yarn back to the first 10 stitches. After you bind off 9 stitches of the first strap,
cut the yarn, leaving a tail about 8" long. Take final the stitch off the needle, pull the tail through it, and pull it tight.
That finishes the first strap.

Now take the same ball of yarn and just start knitting the first 10 stitches. If it feels insecure, you can tie the new yarn on with a loose knot that you’ll untie later.

When both straps are finished, thread the tails into a large-eyed needle and weave them into the knitting so they don’t show.

That’s a sweet bib!

Hi, I’m a new knitter and I am about to begin knitting some baby bibs for my sister and just wondered how much yarn is needed for each bib based on the pattern listed on this site? Your help would be greatly appreciated.:wink:

It shouldn’t be too much, they’re pretty small. You could start one out of leftover yarn and see how far it goes. You might be able to use up a couple leftover colors that way.