Help with Aviatrix Hat Pattern


I’m knitting again after years on a break. Im making my twins’ Halloween hats. I’m stuck on a line in the Aviatrix pattern and I need help. The line I don’t understand is "Work 6 (6, 6, 7, 7, 6, 6) x 12 (12, 12, 12, 12, 14, 14) row sections.

I’m attaching screenshots showing this line and the “row sections” it is referring to. I understand that the numbers in parenthesis refer to sizing and I’m good with that. I just don’t understand the instruction. Please help!

Welcome to KH. I think the answer might be in the FAQs included with the pattern. It explains that depending upon the size you’re knitting you will knit [I]x [/I] repeats of that section. Is that the part that has you hung up?

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I agree with GG. Each repeat will give you one segment of the hat, ending with the garter stitch rib that divides the segments like sections of an orange.

I’m still confused…:confused: So I which ‘row section’ do I knit 6 times? What does the “x” mean in “work 6 x 12 row sections”?

I’m sorry - it’s been three years since I’ve knitted anything and I’m foggy! I really appreciate your help as I’ve been struggling for days researching to figure this out.

The size I’m making is the second to last in the parentheses, BTW. Might make it easier to discuss. Again, thanks so much!!

Also, the second thumbnail is blurry, but there are three “row sections”. They are called “10 row section”, “12 row section”, and “14 row section”.

I skipped the attachments and have been looking at the pattern. I’ll look again though salmonmac is much more likely to know. What yarn weight are you using, that might matter also.

From the pattern FAQ: The number before the X tells you how many times to work the section. The number after the X tells you which section, the 10-row, 12-row, or 14-row.

There are two versions of the pattern available. I’ve looked at both. The download on the left includes the FAQs which I don’t see in the other one, there might be more differences.

It could be presented more clearly. This is the kind of thing that has me going back and forth and ending up with a headache. It’s a cute pattern and will be worth it in the end.

OK, yes, the size you’re making is very helpful. To simplify the instructions:
Work 6 repeats of the 14 row section, that is the 14 row section, 6 times.
So work rows 1-14
[B]14 row section[/B]Row 1 (RS): k to 6 sts from the end of the row, W&T.
Row 2 (WS): p to 6 sts from the end of the row W&T.
Row 3: k to 10 sts from the end of the row W&T.
Row 4: p to 10 sts from the end of the row W&T.
Row 5: k to 14 sts from the end of the row W&T.
Row 6: p to 14 sts from the end of the row W&T.
Row 7: k to 18 sts from the end of the row W&T.
Row 8: p to 18 sts from the end of the row W&T.
Row 9: k to 12 sts from the end of the row W&T.
Row 10: p to 12 sts from the end of the row W&T.
Row 11: k to 7 sts from the end of the row W&T.
Row 12: p to 7 sts from the end of the row W&T.
Row 13: k to end
Row 14: slip 1, k to end.

and then begin again at row 1. I think you’ll see when you finish one repeat that you end with a ridge before starting the next repeat and that will look similar to the ridges in the photo of the hat.

This discussion might be helpful. I’m not trying to avoid questions here, I just think another resource is always a good idea.

Okay, thank you, everyone!! I’m following the worsted weight pattern. I think I get it now. I made a typo above so instead of row section 14 I will do row section 12 SIX times total.

Turns out I need to either frog or start over because I knitted row section 10 once. Gah! Confusing!

I’m getting right to it. Thank you all again!!!:knitting:

Maybe you can pick it up to just finish the section with w&t, you really shouldn’t have to start all over. What’s great is that the next one will be so much simpler.

Almost done!! Thanks so much for your help!

I need help with one last thing. I’m making the end of the strap with the buttonhole. The pattern line in confused about says:

“K3 yrn, ktog, k to end”

What does “yrn” mean after a knit-stitch? I googled and everything I see or read says that “yrn” is an increase used in between PURL stitches. I was hoping to find a video but everything I’ve found shows doing this (wrapping yarn round twice) after purling.

Translation: K3 yo, k2tog, k to end (I think the ktog is k2tog)

I hope you’ll post a photo of your hat. It’s so exciting to know you’re almost finished with it. :happydance:

Ah, yarn over! Why didn’t they just say so? :wink: Thanks, Grumpy Mama!

I will post pics after I finish this, which is going to be an orange Ernie hat and the yellow Bert hat for his twin brother. Hehe, thanks again!!!

It took a bit of digging but I found this on the website: “She also teaches at New Zealand knitting retreats and LYS throughout the country.” American patterns tend to use “yo” while British patterns use various other terms. New Zealand seems to follow the British style. Yarn round needle tells you how to get there, yo tells you what you need on the needle and lets you get there on your own. You’ll encounter other terms that end up being a yo. It’s just one of those quirks we learn about as we go along. Happy :knitting:!!

With one day to spare I have the hats finished, but I’m trying to find a good pattern for teddy-bear-like ears and for hair and maybe a unibrow for Bert (even though my one twin has a unibrow, lol!). I’m not having any luck. I really work best with a pattern. Anyone know of a simple teddy bear ear pattern for free? How can I create the hair? Thank you…

Do you crochet? I used the ear pattern for this:

I don’t crochet…:confused:
I’ll look again to
Or row. Monkey ears would be cute, too. I wish I could improv. Thank you!!:hug:

This one has a series of photos for a teddy bear ear tutorial.