Help with "at the same time"

I’m fairly new to knitting and am working on my first sweater. Things were going well until I got to the “at the same time” section in the pattern.

Here is a link to the pattern I’m working. I’m stuck at the section on page 3 where the instructions indicate AT SAME TIME. Am I supposed to use 2 balls of yarn and do each side separately? I’m so confused.

Here is the link to the pattern (free pattern):

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You’re up to the part where you split for the V neck. One of the shoulders is on a holder while you work the other shoulder, so you don’t need another ball of yarn.
You’re going to be decreasing at the arm edge, working across the row and then decreasing at the neck edge. Easiest thing is to write out these decreases or make a small diagram and check off the decreases as you do them.
Which size are you making?

I think it finally just clicked! I was visualizing the V differently but this makes sense now (it’s all in the wording!) :slight_smile: Thank you so much.

Essentially I’m decreasing stitches on both the neck edge and side edge to make it narrower towards the top (shoulders), right? If that’s the case, when do I pick up the stitches that are left on the spare needle? Is this where the instructions begin at the top of page 4?

I’m making the M/L size.

Yes, that’s right, decreasing on the neck and side edge and narrowing toward the top of the shoulder.
The second shoulder is worked at the bottom of the right column on the 3rd page (p.29), about 6 lines up from the bottom where it says, "All sizes: With RS facing, join yarn to rem sts.
This is going to be wonderful looking. Please post a photo, if you’d like because we’d love to see the finished sweater.

I have another question in this pattern. I’m working the side triangles on page 4 and it’s looking more like an L rather than a triangle. Where the pattern states to “dec 1 st each end of next 7 rows, then on every following alt row until 3 sts rem.”, won’t this make it lop-sided? I just ripped out most of the work because it was completely uneven on one side and not triangular. I was decreasing one at the end of the 7 rows then at the end of every other row. The decrease was always on the purl stitch since this is worked in a reverse stocking st.

You should decrease at [I]each[/I] end of the row. Decrease at the beginning of the row and at the end of the row.