Help with armholes?

Hi ya. I have begun my first project bigger than a scarf. It is from the Art of Knitting (weekly pattern subscription). It was marked easy so that is why I chose it. It is a “wrap around cardigan” and is knitted in one piece then the sleeves are eached knitted and attached. Easy right? I thought so, except now I am having problems. I have basically knit the entire front left pannel (working on the basis it will be one large piece of fabice with two armholes to attach sleeves to). I have got to the point where I was instructed to knit 35sts in pattern, cast off 40sts in patten then continue the pattern with the remaining sts to the end. My question is …I am then instructed to knit 20 rows, then on the 21st row knit in pattern the reverse casting on the 40sts I cast off when I initally made the armhole.

I am having trouble with getting my head round what will happen in the cast off stitch area when I am doing the 20 rows? Wont the cast off sts bunch up and not allow for the arm to go in?


The cast off and cast on stitches together will make a hole in the knitting which should be of sufficient size for your arm to go through. sue

I got to thinking that would be the case. Being I have only ever knit scarves and I have only been knitting for a couple of months, I was insecure about it. Thanks for the confidence building tip!:muah: