Help with Armhole Shaping

I’m making a pullover and I have a question about the decreases for the armholes at the last part. I’m doing the first numbers inside the parentheses (I made them bold)

Keeping in patt, dec 1 st each end of needle on next RS row, then every 4th row 6 ([B]2[/B],0,0) times, then every other row 21 ([B]31[/B], 34, 30) times, then every row 0 ([B]0[/B],6,16) times – 42 ([B]46[/B], 48, 52) sts rem; armhole measures 10 ([B]10.5[/B], 11, 11.5)”. BO all sts in patt on next RS row, working any required cable crossings as you BO.

I have two questions:

  1. I have to do decreases 1st from the edge, and the edge is k1, p1, k1, p2. Should I just do a k2tog decrease? Or is there a good one that works with something like this?

  2. Since I don’t have to decrease every row for my size (the last decreases), am I supposed to just do the “every other row 31 times” decreases and then bind off? Or am I supposed to do the “every other row” decreases then continue in the pattern w/o decreases?

Sorry this is so long! :yadda: I feel like when I get there I’ll know how it is supposed to be (which is what happens with everything else) but I’m worrying extra because its going to be a gift and I don’t want to screw up!

Thanks for any help anyone has! :mrgreen:

Where you do the decreases is up to you. You can just k2tog and the seam will cover it, or work it in a stitch.

After you finish the decreases for your size, you should have 46 stitches left, and if it measures the right length, then bind off.

Thanks so much :slight_smile: