Help with arm and neck shaping

I am at the point where I’m to start shaping the back for arms, neck and shoulders.
Pattern is Lacey Cardigan by Ella Rae.
Instructions say cast off 10 stitches, patt 36 sts, turn, leave rem sts on a holder.
The row I’m doing is as follows: K1, yfrn, , p2tog, k1 *p1, k2, psso, k1, p1, k1, yfrn, p2tog, k1; rep from * to end.
After the cast off 10 the pattern starts with the k1, yfrn, p2tog…
My question is since this is a lacy pattern, which stitches do I count? Do I count the yfrn as a stitch, the p2tog as 1 stitch or 2, etc.? Or do I stop and turn when I have 36 stitches on the needle that I just completed?

Think of the yfrn and the p2tog as working together. One gives you an added stitch on the needle and the other decreases a stitch. So count the yfrn as one st and count the p2tog as one as you work across the 36 pattern sts. In essence, yes, you’ll be turning when you have 36 sts on the right needle.

Now that an answer has been offered, I’ll ask a question, if I may. Does yfrn mean yarn front around needle? And would that basically be a yo with the yarn in front ready to purl?

GG: I’ve seen “yfrn” spelled out as “yarn forward round needle,” and, yes, it’s a yo that is supposed to get you ready for a purl stitch next, but I ignore all those fancy directions (yfrn and yrn, etc. etc.) and just do a regular ol’ yo and then go right into my knit or purl stitch.

As far as I can tell, the different abbreviations for a yo really just confuse people more than they help them.

My take, too, Antares. Figuring out what the instructions mean and then translating them into something usable can be hard. I do the same as you. YO and make sure the yarn is in the right place, then ONWARD! Reading these threads helps me a lot!