Help with Aran sweater pattern

I would like to knit an Aran sweater with a shawl collar. I have found a pattern that uses the pattern panels I like, but the wrong collar. And I have found a pattern that has the shawl collar but not the pattern panels.

My question is, is there a way to add the shawl collar to the pattern I like? Or is it possible to switch out the pattern panels and follow the pattern with the shawl collar?

This is my first Aran sweater and I would love any advice. Attached are the two patterns.

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It might be easier to follow the pattern panels and adapt the shawl collar to that pattern. There’s a difference in gauge so you’ll have to adjust the collar for that.

I was thinking the same. I guess I’m struggling to figure out at what point do I end the front knit pattern. Do I bind off and add the collar, or place the stitches on a holder and add the collar?

You’re going to have to measure, perhaps using the back of the sweater as a guide to determine where you want the neckline to fall. For the shawl collar, bind off the center sts. The collar is worked sideways and it’ll be the collar edges that are sewn down onto that center bind off.

Would you please edit the scans in your first post to remove most of the pattern? You can use the pencil icon in the lower right of the post to edit. We can’t post large portions of patterns here due to designer copyrights.