help with aran sweater pattern

Newish knitter in search of experts. I’m knitting an aran sweater - ALICE STARMORE, Na Craga. Have completed the rib :
RS pp, cable back, k, k from cable , pp
WS kk, pp, kk and so on.
Have 142 stitches as I’m making the third size.

Next WS row reads Rib 5 [1,3,5,8]; m1, rib 8(9,8,7,7]; rep from to the last 5[2,3,9,6] sts; m1, rib 5[2,3,9,6].
146 [154,160,170,180] Sts.
HELP! can anyone explain this row to me?
I presume I would Rib 3, *m1, Rib 8;
then repeat *m1, rib8 to the last 3 stitches
then m1, rib 3
Am I reading it right? And what does ‘Rib 3’ and ‘Rib 8’ mean?
Many thanks for your pateince.
Then it’s changing needles and reading the charts.

Beautiful pattern.

Rib 5 [1,3,5,8]; (m1, rib 8(9,8,7,7]; rep from ( to the last 5[2,3,9,6] sts; m1, rib 5[2,3,9,6].
146 [154,160,170,180] Sts.
(The program on the forum sees asterisks as designating italics which is why they disappeared from you post.)

Yes, repeat the m1, rib 8. Rib means to work in the k and purl pattern that you have been working on previous rows. Keep the columns of knits and purls. Don’t let the increases throw off that pattern. Work the increases between sts but don’t count them as part of the ribbing pattern.
You’re likely about to change to the body pattern of the sweater anyway.

Many thanks for your quick reply - a great help. I will get going on this next part tomorrow. Wish me luck!:grinning:

Have fun working this sweater and do post a photo when you finish!

Hi, have only just got back to my knitting. Completed the row and ended up with 160 stitches as stated in pattern. Started to follow charts but must be misreading something as I need 200 stitches. I’ll try to attach photos in the hope that you can read them and see where this idiot is going wrong!
I won’t bombard you with more info at present, but please ask if you need further info e.g. How I read the pattern and got it wrong. I’m knitting the third size.
Thanks in advance for your patience.

Hmm, I get 160sts:
Reading from the right (the way the charts are set up for the RS, row 1:
end of row E (20sts) B (12) C (16) B (12) D (40) B (12) C (16) B (12) A (20) beg of row
It could be that the problem is the A and E charts?

I see that my pics didn’t upload completely for some reason.
okay, i’m seeing a difference here - bear with me., i’m a newbie!

Row 1, RS: A (20sts) rep 5 patt sts(4 times) B(12) C (16) B(12) D (40) B(12) C(16) B (12) E over last (20)

repeating 5 patt sts (4 times)

Should E not be at beg of WS and end of RS?

A at beg of RS and end of WS?
Thanks for your patience.

Yes, you’ve got the order right: A starts the RS and E end it; E starts the WS and A ends it.
I was writing it out the way the charts read. (Sorry if that was confusing.)
It’s not a simple pattern so take your time to understand where it’s going. Markers between chart sections are a good idea, at least for the first few rows.

Row 1, RS: A (20sts) rep 5 patt sts(4 times) B(12) C (16) B(12) D (40) B(12) C(16) B (12) E over last (20)

repeating 5 patt sts (4 times)

am i misunderstanding the rep 5 patt sts(4 times) as this would add the extra 20 stitches x 2 that i’m getting?

the more i look, this is the error - i added these into the stitch count.
can you explain it to me? what do they mean? thanks again

I don’t know what chart A looks like but It’s probably only 5sts. The instructions are to work chart A over 20 sts total. Then the directions go on to explain this further. There’s a note for the first 2 sizes, which you can ignore. Then they tell you that the 5sts of the chart are worked 4 times. That’s not 4 times more, just 4 times total giving you the 20sts (not 40sts)

just an update - your suggestion of using stitch markers worked a treat and i’ve now got into the swing of things. i don’t know when i’ll get it finished- it’s a slow process for a newbie like me, but thanks to your help, i will get there!

Wonderful! Yes, these sweaters are slow Going but I find them very enjoyable. Have fun working yours. We’d love to see a photo of the finished project.