Help with Ann Norling sock pattern

Here I am trying to knit my very first sock and reached a point that has me stuck. In the instructions, it is the “Gusset” which reads as follows:

1. With loose needle, PU & K 16 sts along side of heal, using the sl sts on edge.
2. Combine the instep sts from the next 2 needles onto one needle. K across.
3. PU & K 16 sts down other side of heel. K to the middle of the sts on the last needle & slide the other half on the first needle. This is now the center of back of heel. There will be 25 sts on needles #1 & #3 $ 32 sts on needle #2.
4. Knitting in the round again, dec in the following manner:
Rnd 1: K
Rnd 2: At the end of needle #1, K2tog, K1. K across needle #2.
At beg of needle #3, K1, SSK

So here’s my question – if one has never knit a sock before, how does one know which is the side of the heel and which is the instep? Can someone point that out on my picture? The top needle is holding 32 sts and has just finished forming what I think is the heel.

The instructions say, "With loose needle, PU & K 16 sts along side of heal, using the sl sts on edge. " Which edge???

Any help on what my next step is would be most appreciated!

Yes, you are in the right spot. You’ve just finished the heel and your working yarn is in the proper spot to begin picking up stitches along the heel flap. The sts you pick up will then be worked as the gusset.

See below if you need more help.

Too cool!!! That helps so much…

Then can you tell me about Step 2 - if I have picked-up 16 sts and continue knitting into that next needle’s stitches, that is 32 sts total. Currently, there are 32 on the top and 16 each on the bottom two. I am unsure how to get the requisite 25 sts it indicates will exist.

Carrie 218
You will put the 16 st. on the two needles together onto one needle. So it goes like this,
Pick up your 16 sts then with a new needle knit the two 16 stitches that you put onto one needle. With a new needle pick up 16sts on the other side of the heel flap.
you are now up to the top on the opposite side of heel flap. Knit half of the stitches together with the 16 side stitches you just picked up. I put a marker between these to show the new start. I know this funny but just trust the pattern and you will get it right. The first time I got to this point I was just like you didn’t know what to do.
I just kept saying trust the pattern from Ingrid and I haven’t stopped making socks since. Love making them for my husband and he loves getting them. They are the only ones that fit his high instep. Custom made is the best.

I was a little wordy I hope this has help you.:flirt:

Gingerbread - yes, wordy or not that seems to be the ticket! I’ve gone past the decreases (a few mistakes) but am now knitting down in the round and see how it is supposed to work!

On towards the toes!!!