Help with an incomplete pattern please

Help please
Does anyone have the pattern for the hat that goes with the Corry’s Baby Sweater. The hat pattern is incomplete and I am not sure how to finish it.


What’s missing? If it’s just the decs for the top shaping we can help with that if you provide the number of sts you have.

Is it the blue and green hat and sweater pattern called Corey’s or (Corrys) Baby Sweater? If so that is just a basic stockinette hat so we can help with the decreases.

Hi Sue - It is 70 stitches

Hi Jan - Yes it is that Corry or Corey one. I didn’t realise that the hat instructions were incomplete until I had started it!

“pattern for hat:
With smaller circular needle, cast on 71 stitches. Knit in seed stitch pattern for 1”, knitting 2 stitches together at the end of the last stitch – 70 stitches. Change to larger needles and knit until hat measures 5” from cast on edge.
First decrease round: Place a marker to mark the beginning of the round.” That is it - no more to the pattern!

You can decrease by knitting 8sts, k2tog around. That’ll give you a decrease every 10sts 7times. Knit the next round. On round 3 knit 7, k2tog around and again knit the next round without decreases. Continue to alternate a decrease round with one less st between k2tog’s on each round and a knit round until you have 14sts. Then k2tog all around, cut the yarn leaving ~8" tail, thread on a tapistry needle and weave through the sts on the needle, pull tight, knot the thread on the inside of the hat and weave in the end.
You’ll probably have to switch to double pointed needles or use a longer needle and magic loop as you decrease because you’ll have so few sts on the needle.

Yes I agree. Once you have 70 sts you want to dec with 8 sts between the k2tog, knit a round plain, then on the next round have 7 sts between the decs and knit a plain round. Dec every other round with one st less between the decs, and when you get down to about 3 sts between them, do the decs on every round. Once you’ve done a round of k2tog, with no sts between them, take the tail and pull it through the sts on the needles like a drawstring and close it up, you can thread the yarn through the sts a second time to secure it.