Help with an elephant pattern

I already posted this over at Ravelry, but you never know who’s on which site…

I’m making Baby Blue Elephant (link to free pattern here)

The first place I’m having trouble is in the body, specifically where you start casting on after doing 19 rows of the back leg. The pattern says:

“Cast on 6 st, pattern to end
Next Row: Pattern
Next Row: Cast on 6 st, pattern to end”

Does that mean cast 6 stitches onto the left needle and then knit over that cast on and continue with the leg, come back and repeat? Or does it mean cast onto the right needle and then knit the leg (although how the yarn would work that way, I don’t know) and return over all of them?

Anybody have any ideas?

You can cast on either at the end of the row or the beginning, it’s the same thing, though a different cast on would be used. It does sound as though you’re to CO at the beg of the row. Either way, work the new sts in the pattern on that row.