Help with an abbreviation and how to do it


This is my first time posting and my first real knitting project. I have tried knitting for a long time, but couldn’t figure out how to do it. Everytime I tried to knit I couldn’t get the tension where I could knit the yarn off the needle. But thanks to this site, I’ve FINALLY DONE IT!!!
:woot: :woohoo:
Ok, having said that, I need help with some instructions. The instructions say “yo, slip 1, k1, psso”. Can someone explain what a slip stitch is and what ‘psso’ means? I really wanted to do this pattern, but I think it might be to difficult for me. It said the difficulty was ‘easy’ so I thought I would be able to do it. Even if it is not the right level for me, I would still like to know what those instructions mean so I can do it later when my skill is better. Thank you in advance for your help!!! Also, Thank you for putting this site together!!!

Your Knitting Friend,

A slip st is just moving a st from one needle to the other, and the psso is ‘pass slip st over’ the knit 1. There’s a video that shows this on the Decreases page. You might want to practice on some other yarn and needles first until you get it. You YO, which is just wrapping the yarn around the needle, slip the st, knit 1, then pass the sl st over like when you bind off. You may want to hold the YO down with your finger so you don’t pass it over instead.