Help with adding a new color yarn


I am knitting a hat that is all one color except for a tube at the top(which will be a new color) that will get tied in a knot. I am not sure how to add the yarn for this new color. I have 7 stitches on my needle of the hat color. The pattern says:

With 2 double pointed needles and contrasting color, k 1 row.
Slide these 7 stitches to the opposite end of the same needle, place the needle in left hand and bringing yarn firmly form last st to first st, k7 sts. Repeat.

I looked at the video on using double pointed needles, and I feel comfortable with that, I am just not sure how to add the new color for that first row. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am making this hat for my nephew for Christmas!

You just start knitting with the new color. Leave a tail long enough
for weaving in and just start knitting. The first stitch of the new
color will be a bit loose at first but after you knit into you can give
a little pull on the yarn tail to tighten it back up.

Libbie :slight_smile:

Thank you very much! This was a huge help!