Help with "add" on stitches

Hello there - I am new to the knitting chat room - what a wonderful idea! Please help me with my problem - I am knitting a v-neck vest, and am ready to shape the “v”. When I knit to the middle of the row to make the start of the “v”, it says “add” 3 stitches - Do they mean increase? And do the added stitches go on the left side of the “v” or the right side?

You’d probably be best off with the backwards loop cast on, (seen here) for those three stitches.

You’re adding these three stitches in the centre of your work to make room for the base of the ‘V’.

So, basically, you’ll knit up so far: vvvvv and then cast on three stitches: eee before carrying on to the end of the row: vvvvv

Like so:


Does that help?

But if you cast on 3 stitches, what are they anchored to? That’s what I couldn’t figure out and answer her question.


Maybe it’s a keyhole sweater… :shrug: :teehee: