Help with abr

Hi new to this forum, I cinsider myself to be an experienced knitter but have never seen this abr. before can anyone explain KB1.

It is possible that your pattern, on-line site, book or whatever may explain what they mean somewhere. KB1 can mean 2 different things. It could mean to knit one in the row below. That means to insert your right needle into the center of the stitch just below the needle and knit it there instead of in the usual place. Then you slip the stitch loop on the needle off the left needle.

Or…it can mean to knit the next stitch through the back loop. To do that you insert the right hand needle into the stitch loop behind the left needle from right to left, more like a purl, and knit it there.

If the directions don’t clarify you’ll have to decide which makes the best sense in your situation. Knitting in the back loop twists the stitch, knitting in the row below, if done over top of each other repeatedly (usually with a row not in the row below between) will make a prominent line of knit stitches. It takes quite a few on top of each other before you notice much effect.

Thanks pattern says knit into stitch below so assume this means row below, many thanks again:)

This site has a free video of how to do this stitch. LINK Scroll down to “k-b”, it gives you a choice of watching it in English or Continental.

You are welcome.