Help with abbreviation!

Hi knitsters!

I am hoping someone can help me with this abbreviation I have come across trying to make Falling Leaves lace socks from Madeline Weston’s “Country Weekend Socks”.

Row # 9 begins with the instruction to “Slpn” as in (Slpn, k2tog, psso, k3…etc).

What does Slpn refer to? Her book does not include this in the reference section and I can’t find this abbreviation online either.

Does it mean Slip 1, purl or Slip 1, pass over or…? I also can’t figure out what the “n” refers to. Any help would be greatly appreciated!



I downloaded a heart pattern. However, I have a question. Usually when the pattern wants you to repeat several stitches, it will say ---- repeat from *… But this pattern states knit 2, yarn over, k2tog, repeat. Does the repeat pertain to the entire line or just the K2tog?? thanks

Are there parentheses or brackets around any of the sts? If there are, that’s what you repeat.

I’ve never seen that abbreviation either. I’ll do some checking.

I see you asked on Ravelry or if not you someone else did for the same question. Have you tried asking the pattern designer?

Hi Jan,

Yes, that’s me asking on Ravelry. I’ll try contacting the publisher. Thanks for the reply!