Help with abbreviation in pattern

Hello I am new to this forum and am looking for some help from some more experienced knitters. I am working on a cable knit toddler sweater. An abbreviation within this pattern reads T2R and is defined as “k into front of 2nd stitch, then into front of 1st st, slip 2 sts off left needle tog.” So d/t the pattern before this I know I am owrking in sets of 3 sts at a time. So I know when it reads [T2R, p1] 13x that can only use up 3 sts. So what I attempted was, I k into the 2nd st on my left needle but left it on the needle, then k into the 1st st on the left needle and then slipped both sts off. Can someone offer some guidance in what I am doing wrong? This, I’m sure will be the first of many questions I have re: this pattern. Thank you in advance!:doh:

You did it right, that’s how you do a T2R. Those 3 sts 13 times use up 39 sts, there may be some at the beginning and end of a row that are not part of the pattern if you have more than 39 sts. What’s not making sense to you?

So I am doing it right? It just didn’t look right to me. Yes there are previous and intermittent sts in the pattern, but for some reason it didn’t look quite right.

It sometimes takes a few pattern repeats for a stitch to look like it does in the pictures. Just keep going with it.