Help with a yarn over

I know this has been address before but my brain is dead! :pout:
How do I make a yarn over before any stitch has been made? I know it is easy I did it. So of course life got in my way again and put the first one down. Now it has been a couple of weeks and I don’t remember how to do it. I went through a lot of the posts and couldn’t find it.
I hope some one can find it in the heart to repeat it again for me.

Bring the yarn to the front of the needle then knit the first stitch. If the first stitch is a purl, take the yarn all the way around the needle (as if you were making a knit stitch) and to the front again to purl.

Oh thank you suzeeq I was hoping you would answer. I am going to print this page now. I knew it was easy guess it was just a senior moment.
Again thank you :thumbsup:.