Help with a yarn forward, please


I am stuck on a keyhole scarf pattern where it says to yfwd. I don’t understand what it means. I have tried googling it, but with no video here at knittinghelp- I feel lost. I realize it probably isn’t hard, but sometimes I get stuck on one little thing and can’t figure out where to go from there. The directions say:

K6. K2tog. (yfwd) twice. K2tog. K to end of row.

Is that enough of the pattern for you to help me? Is it just a yarn over?



look for yarn over in the videos. same thing just different languages. :wink:

ya know…english and american :rofling:

It is a yo, but you’re supposed to do it twice. So bring the yarn forward, and then wrap it around your right needle again and have it end up in front. This will give you two increases to offset the two decreases of the k2togs.

WOW! You guys are quick to save the day! Thanks so much! I have watched the yo video, but just got stuck on this different terminology!