Help with a Vicki Square kimono

I have just completed the KOMON Kimono in Vicki Squares book. I DID NOT USE the yarn she suggested which was Rayon. I used BERROCO Peruvia, 100% Wool. The whole kimono is heavy and the sleeves drag down the shoulders. BOO HOO. I now know why she used the rayon. Could I shrink by washing in hot water? or would it felt? Any other suggestions

Check the yarn label - if it says to hand wash, then it will felt. You can try reducing the size by blocking, but I’m not sure it would make much of a difference.

Can you talk out the bound off edge amd remove a few inches?

It would felt. You can redo it in a smaller size or use the yarn for something else and make this pattern in a lighter yarn.

blocking could work … i had a look on ravelry and all those who used a heavier yarn also mentioned that they had blocked it.

Hi: Thanks Tarriknits! I am BAngelica on Ravelry.