Help with a tricky pattern

So I started this shawl pattern only to find out I was doing the last thing first and now I have to pull the whole thing apart and start over.

Upon going over the pattern again, I came to realize I have no idea what I am doing. I know it isn’t hard, I just lack understanding. If someone could please help me with this project, that would be awesome!

I am doing the pattern from this site

I don’t knit often, so obviously something easy is rather confusing to me. So I’d love maybe someone to help walk me through it or maybe a rewrite of the pattern (if possible).

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Morrighan shawl

If this is your pattern you start with the first square. Cast on 39 and work the mitered square as written under Rows for squares. I don’t know how to make it simpler. There are others who are much better than I am at such things and they may know how to explain it better. If you’re having problems with the abbreviations you can ask about them and/or check the Glossary tab at the top of the page. I think you should cast on for the first square and ask questions as you go along.

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See if this tutorial helps with joining the squares as you go along. Of course, the mitered square in the link is all knit and yours is stockinette stitch but the idea of the square is similar.

After the first mitered square (blue in the link) you either pick up sts on the left side of the first square and also cast on (red square) or cast on and then pick up sts along the right side (green square). The instructions in you pattern seem to me to have right and left reversed but the tutorial is clear.
This is such a lovely shawl and it is a good way to use yarn with a long color repeat.

Thanks for the tips you two! That tutorial link is definitely useful for me to visually see how other will come together. I’ll be sure to post my progress!

I finished tearing apart my oopsy and managed to save a good amount before the yarn snapped. I bought enough yarn for what I need, Plus extra for error, so I’m not worried about not having enough to work with.