Help with a throw pattern in blocks

I recently got the collenette Absolutely fabulous throw kit and was making the block pattern. It is 4 blocks by 5 blocks. It is done where you make the first block (lower right of throw) and then pick up 27 stitches on the side and cast on an additional 26 for a total of 53. The problem I’m having is that the first row is a wrong side row and I’m not sure how I need to pick up the stitches so it is invisible. Has anyone ever done this pattern or one similar. THe instructions are not really clear. This is my first big project and I am trying so hard to make it nice.

Sorry I don’t know; I’ve never worked the pattern. But when I have to pick up sts, I just use a crochet hook from back to front. I think that creates a sts resembling a knit st. But if you pick up from front to back, perhaps it will resemble a purl? :?