help with a sweater


I am knitting childen’s mermaid sweater by Sandy Myerson size 4. Regarding the front, was I supposed to cast on 72 stitches which is the cast on for the back? If so, I have worked through the mermaid and now shaping the neck and shoulders. It states to knit 20 and put remaining stitches on a spare needle. After working the shoulder instructions it states to put 14 stitches on a stitch holder and work with the remaining stitches which if the cast on was 72 the shoulders are not even. I fear I have done something terribly wrong here. Can anyone please help me out? Thanks so much Dee


That’s an adorable sweater!
It looks like a possible error in the pattern. You can read further and see if the neck shaping and shoulder shaping sts on one shoulder add up to 20 (or perhaps 29sts?).
Definitely message the designer and ask. You paid for the pattern and the designer should offer support.


Thanks I’ll try