Help with a sweater pattern

I want to start my first sweater. I coose the manly sweater Pg, 210 out of the book, stitch n’ bitch handbook. I am confused with the pattern.

the direction for the back says:
With MC CO 121 sts.
set up row [COLOR=red]k3 p1[/COLOR] *k5, p1 rep from * to last 3 sts k3
[COLOR=red]work in k5, p1 rib as set[/COLOR] for 18 inches. [COLOR=red]AT THE SAME TIME, [/COLOR][COLOR=black]work 10 inches in MC end with a WS row then work color pattern.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=darkslateblue]My Questions:[/COLOR]
[COLOR=navy] so In the ribbing after the set up row I do not do the k3 p1?[/COLOR]
[COLOR=navy]and I don’t understand what At the same time means am I knitting that on different needles or what?[/COLOR]

Is that exactly what it says?

For the first question, I’d say that you are to continue to put the k3 at each end of the row and they want a p1 before you begin the K5, P1 repeat. So you always do it as given. I suppose on return rows you must do what appears, in other words if they face you as purls, purl them. If they face you as knits, knit them. This will keep it in ribbing.

The second question is the weird part. You start working with the MC and it says to rib as set for 18 inches. Then, “At the same time, work 10 inches in MC end with a WS row then work color pattern.” I guess what is happening is that all of the 18 inches are in the rib pattern, but after 10 inches of the MC you start working in some sort of other color pattern. Maybe CC stripes or something. So that would mean work 10 inches of the rib in the MC then beginning with a RS row start another color pattern that it must tell you about there somewhere, but keep to the rib pattern you have going. Does that make sense based on the picture of the sweater?

Maybe I need to start a different sweater pattern I love this one but throught out the pattern it keeps saying “At the same time” I am going to try to find the designer online and ask her because I don’t want to get into the sweater and give up from confusion. Many people on Ravelry says this sweater is great for a first. Thank you verry much for your help

Try this website. It’s th stich and bitch virtual network and explains the pattern somewhat.

I think the whole sweater is done in the rib [B]st[/B] pattern, but you work the first 10" with the MC, then switch colors and work in the [B]color[/B] pattern. X inches with color b, x inches with MC, switch to color B all the while continuing the rib pattern. You’re just switching the colors every few rows is all.