Help with a sweater pattern

This is what I’m trying to get figured out.

Dec 1 st at each end of next 5 rows, then on 3 foll alt rows, then on foll 4th row.

If someone can help me, that will really help me out.

It seems you will be decreasing 1 stitch at each end of the following 5 rows, if you are using stocking stitch then you will decrease on both the knit and purl sides. After these are completed you will then decrease 1 stitch each side on the 3 following alternate rows = decrease on the knit side, purl the following row without decreasing, decrease on the next knit row and so on. After the third alt. decrease you will work a purl row,a knit row, a purl row without decreasing then on the next knit or 4th row you will again decrease 1 stitch each side.
I’m assuming stocking stitch, you haven’t given any details, but the same will apply. Hope this helps, if not, please ask again and someone else may be able to explain better😊

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Wow… this really helpful… Well explained:+1: