Help with a stitch

Can someone explain the back cross stitch. I understand …skip next st, dc in next st, insert hook from back to front in skipped stitch, dc… but then what do I do; how do I continue after I’ve done the bcr in the skipped stitch.

You would pretty much continue on like that. Skip the next stitch, DC in the back of the skipped stitch, then repeat for however many you need to.

Once I started doing the pattern, I understood it - made sense. So a lesson learnt - don’t just read a pattern, but try doing it before asking a question!

I researched that stitch just a little bit and found several different versions of it. It looks like it would make a pretty afghan or scarf. What are you making with it?


A “dish scrubbie” - actually just a small rectangular version of a dish cloth. I think the stitch would be pretty for other things, done in a soft yarn.

Nice texture for a dish scrubbie! Great idea!