Help with a sleeve pattern

Hello knitters! I am learning to knit on my own now that I need to stay inside!!! My instructions for the sleeves say:”Change to St st; increasing 1 st each side of 9th row, then every 10 rows for 5 (6,7,7,8,9) more times[6(7,8,8,9,10) total increase emphasized textrows]-65(70,75,78,83,88) sets “
I understand that every 10th row ( 10th, 20th, 30th row etc) I will be increasing 6 stitches at each side? Then how do I calculate the total number f stitches? I am working with the size of the bolded number
Thank you all for your help


It looks like you will be increasing 1 st on both sides of every 10th row 6 times.


Thank you so much for your help. Stay safe !!!

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