Help with a simple scarf pattern

I think this should be easy, yet I am having difficulty with it.

I want to make a simple, triangle scarf. I would like it to connect at the back of the neck with a button.


I would like to make a knitted necklace, that fits close to the neck and hangs down past my collar bone.

I thought knitting a triangle would be simple enough, but they are not looking so nice.

Any help or suggestions is appreciated!

Are you using a pattern or making your own design?

I was trying to make my own design, I have not been able to find a pattern that is fitting my desires.

I want the triangle to be small. I have worn a bandana folded in half around my neck, that is the size I am thinking.

This pattern might make a starting point for you. I’ve used it for dish cloths and made a large triangle shawl my DD uses from it. It makes great baby blankets. You could make a small piece to get the hang of working with the increases for a triangle and go from there. There are also tons of shawl patterns available, some of them increase in the center.

A simple triangle would be starting at the tip with about 3 sts and increasing at the beginning and end of every other row, or just at the beginning of every row. If you want longer tails you can add increases about halfway through so you inc 2 stitches on every row.

Ok, I think I get where I am going wrong. I am obviously still a newbie.
I was starting on the long part and trying to decrease as I went, I will try starting at the point and increasing.

Thank you!

That could work. I think you’ll find starting from the point easier at first, then play around with small swatches to do it the other way. You’ll get some practice in and learn a few things along the way. Enjoy!

That will work too, but it’s harder to figure just how many sts to cast on. You’d do the same in reverse - CO then dec at both ends every other row, or at the beg of every row. It’s easier to see what size you’ll end up with if you start at the tip.