Help with a set of instructions

I’ve been knitting for a few months now, and am trying my hand at my first cardigan sweater. There is a set of instructions about the pocket opening that I just can’t wrap my head around.

Earlier in the instructions, I knitted the pocket lining (25 stitches, 5 inches, placed on stitch holder). Now I am here:

…“K18 sts, place next 25 sts on a holder, work across 25 pocket lining sts from holder, k rem 17 sts.”…

Do I work them with the other 25 sts? If not, I’ll have to go back to the original pattern because I see no mention of using those 25 sts anywhere further in the pattern.

I know it’s probably simple, but for some reason, understanding is not coming.


If you work them together with the other 25 stitches, you won’t have a pocket opening.

Check to see if in the finishing section of the pattern they tell you to add ribbing or something to that pocket edge.

That’s right, the 25sts from the sweater will be on a holder until finishing them off at the end. The 25 sts from the lining now become part of the sweater and the sides and bottom of the lining will be sewn to the sweater. You’ll see, it’ll work out.

Check the second to last section “Finishing” - they tell you what to do with those 25 st that are on the holder.

Yep, I feel silly. The finishing section didn’t print - or my 3 year old absconded with it - so I couldn’t find anything written about what to do with those other 25 sts. I’ve re-printed that part.

I just kept reading over and over what I did have, couldn’t find what to do if I just set those sts on holder, and got really confused.

Thanks for the help!