Help with a row of I just supposed to slip ALL the stitches?

Hi! I’m in the middle of a pattern and am not quite sure what the instructions for one of the row means. I’ve posted a few lines from the pattern to help understand my question. I’ve already finished rows 33-35.
Row 33: change to color B, purl across
Row 34: Knit across
Row 35: Purl across
[COLOR=red]Row 36 - 39[/COLOR]: [COLOR=red]Carrying yarn snugly across sl sts in these 4 rows, rep Rows 6-9[/COLOR]

So my question is about rows 36- 39 … does this mean that I am simply to slip the stitches from the previous rows (row 33, 34, and 35 - although this is only 3 rows and the picture of the pattern doesn’t show that the previous color will be in the currently knitted section) onto the right needle and then repeat the pattern from rows 6-9?

Thanks for any help!

What are the directions for rows 6-9. My guess is that the directions could read “work rows 35-39 as you did rows 6-9, but carry the yarn snugly across the slipped stitches”

Are there slipped stitches in rows 6-9?

Thanks for your reply, Ingrid. Yes, rows 6-9 have slipped stitches, and now that you explained that it makes sense…and since there are 4 rows in Row 6-9 that makes even more sense:
Row 6: *K2, sl 2 wyif; rep from * to last 3 sts, end k3
Row 7: *P2, sl 2 wyib; rep from *, end p3
Row 8: k4,*sl 2 wyib; rep from *, end 3
Row 9: p4, *sl 2 wyib, ks; rep from * to last 3 sts, end sl 2 wyib, p1
So, now that you see Rows 6-9 do you still think the same thing?

Yes, that’s what I’d thought. Makes sense, yes?

Yes, it does make sense…thank you soo much!

What they’re saying is that you don’t want to pull it too tightly or it will pucker, or so loosely that you will end up with holes or spaces in your work. Try to do it somewhere in between.