Help with a project

I just started to knit. I know the basics but the new pattern I obtained confused me a lot. I need your help to begin working on my new project.

With color A, cast on 49 stitches (I know how to do this :slight_smile: )
Knit 1 row
Row 1 (right side) with color B, sl 1 wyib, k3 sl 1 wyib, etc.

I guess the question is how am I adding the color B while slipping wyib? Would it be simply knitting through the stitch of color A with color B or am I mistaken? Do I knit the first row with color A and then somehow I do the slipping within that first row or no? Then why the instruction is telling to knit the first row and then explains what pattern is within that row? I am very confused and really need your help to get me through this beginning.

Thank you for any assistance.

Yeah, that’s tricky - you could do the last stitch of the previous row with color B, or just knit the first stitch instead of slipping it. What do the edges of the item look like - can you tell if that’s how it was done?

This is what I am trying to knit
You can see on the photo that the edges are plain.

Actually, since it’s a slip stitch pattern, the slipped stitch is going to be the other color all the way across the row anyway, so just follow the pattern. This is different than regular stripes where you would want the first stitch the same color as the rest of the row. Slip the first st which will be color A, k3 with color B, slip again carrying B across, k3, and so on.

This is a nice way of doing 2 color knitting while only working with one color across each row. The second color comes from the slipped stitch. What is the next row?

Suzeeq, I got it now. I have never knit with two more colors, so the instruction looked awkward to me. Thank you very much.

Salmonmac, you slightly confused me. Are you attempting to explain to me what Suzeeq wrote in regards to how to knit the pattern or trying to introduce here some new idea?

Row 2: Sl 1 wyif, *p3, sl 1 wyif; rep from * to end of row.
Rows 3 and 4: With A, knit.
Rep Rows 1-4 until piece measures 13 in.

Another thing, to obtain the pattern I showed on the photo, as I understand, there is nothing special about rows 3 and 4, just knitting with color A, right? Then, what do I do with color B?
Two color knitting is very difficult.

Thank you a lot for helping me.

Sorry for the confusion. For this pattern, you’re not actually knitting with two colors on one row. You’ll just knit with one color across the row and slip the other color. In row 1, knit with color B, and the slip stitch in color A makes the finished row [I]look[/I] like you knit with two colors across.
For rows 3 and 4, you knit with color A and leave color B. You’ll pick icolor B up again when you repeat row 1