Help with a pattern

I knit a pullover and there’s a point in the pattern that I don’t understand. Maybe you could help me.
The part that I don’t understand is in the Yoke.
I can’t post the link so I will guide you where to find the pattern. It’s in the “yarn” . Select project type pulloverfor whowomen and free pattern. The pullover is in the 5th page. The fair isle yoke pullover.
It says in the yoke part, knit the 1st round, the 2nd and the 3rd. Everything understood till that point. Then it says "knit 3 rounds and repeat last 4 rounds."
What 3 rounds do I knit and which are the 4 rounds that I should repeat?
I would appreciate your help
Thank you

Knit three rounds plain, no increases or decreases, no chart.
Then, depending on your size, knit the “3rd rnd” and the three plain knit rounds again. So those 3 rounds plus one are the 4 rounds to repeat. The stitch count will dec by 8 sts every time you knit the 3rd rnd.

Thanks a lot for your help.