Help with a pattern

Can anyone please tell me whether they are familiar with this pattern and know if there is a mistake in it. When I started round three my last stitch was off by 1 or 2 stitches from that point on. I don’t know if it’s my mistake or whether it’s in the pattern. Your help is greatly appreciated! Thank you!:wink:

I’m sorry that I forgot to add the pattern. It can be accessed in the link below.

Thanks for the link!

I am not familiar with that pattern, but I don’t see any mention of a problem on Ravelry. Only one person made a comment about round 3 ago see if what she says helps.

It’s a very detailed pattern and it would be very easy to miss an increase or decrease and to be off a stitch. I suggest counting stitches after every round. If you’ve good repeats separated with markers that would be a good way to keep track instead.