Help with a pattern

Ok, so I’m knitting my mother a sweater for Christmas. I’ve gotten pretty darn far in this pattern:

The entire back panel is done. I’ve gotten to the tail end of the left front panel and I’m not sure I know how to proceed. I’m on pg 2 of the pattern, far right side, where it says to shape neck.

k1, p2 [k2, p2] twice, k2 (i’ve done this). Then it says “slip 13 stitches just knit to a holder for front band.” Work in established pattern to end of row.

So what do I do with those 13 stitches? Knit them, then slip them onto a stitch holder? Where do they go afterwards? There’s no reference to them in the rest of the pattern, no ‘come back to those and pick them up.’

Any help on this would be appreciated!

Welcome to KH. Thanks so much for including the link it really helps. Here’s one to the PDF. For now knit those 13 stitches then move them to a holder (a piece of waste yarn works well) and then on pg. 4 under Finishing … Neckband it tells you to put them back on a needle and how to work with them. These things are notoriously difficult to find when needed.

Ah ha! Thank you! I didn’t look that far down. That’s what I get for trying to knit after a day of grading papers :doh: