Help with a pattern

Eyelet pattern - Has anyone done the Bolero I am really struggling with it and what the main pattern should be pattern is Row 1 is k1 yfd s1 k1 psso repeat to last * and row 2 p1 yfd s1 k1 psso but which way do I slip the stitch on the purl row as the wool is twisted when you go to do it and you have to change its position before you knit it. Been struggling for a week now. Grateful for advice.

When a slip stitch is part of a decrease, always slip it knit wise. In what way is the yarn twisted…? Do yo mean the stitch? Maybe you’re wrapping the yo/yfd wrong. The yarn should be wrapped around the needle the same way as you do for a knit or purl stitch, and you would always work into the leg closest to the tip of the needle for it to remain open. That leg could be in back or in front of the needle.