HELP with a pattern


I am going to attempt to cable knit with this cell phone caddy pattern. I thought something small would be easier…HA!

Anyway I understand that C2F means cable 2 to the front, and so on, however on this pattern, am I supposed to cable 2 to the front and then my next 2 stitches also use a cable needle to the front?? It is not telling me what to do with the cable stitches. I hope you can help. That portion of the pattern is pasted below. Thank you.

Cast on 32
row 1 - K2, [P4, K4] rep to last two stitches, K2
row 2 - P2, [K4, P4] rep to last two stitches, P2
unless stated, repeat rows 1 on right side & 2 on wrong side

row 7 - K2, P4, c2b, c2f, P4, K4, P4, c2b, c2f, P4, K2
row 10 - P2, K4, c2f§, c2b§, K4, P4, K4, c2f§, c2b§, K4, P2

Please don’t post the same thread twice. It’s not necessary. This is the correct forum for questions.

Can you post a link to the pattern? Does your pattern have instructions, they usually do.

Didnt mean to, and no I dont have a link.

The number in the cable term shows how many sts are involved in each cable. So for c2b, you put 1 st on the cable needle, hold in back and k1 from the L needle and knit the held one, then do a c2f on the next 2 sts, holding 1 st to the front, k1 from the L needle. The pattern should explain this at the top, before the cast on instructions.

WONDERFUL…!!! Thank you so very much. That’s just the thing, any pattern I have read before has an explanation of the abbreviations, but this one doesn’t have any explanations. But thank you so much, this was a wonderful help!!!