HELP! with a pattern

It is called the Thistle and Clover set. A newborn sweater and bonnet. I got it from I don’t remember paying for it and I’m wondering if she had it up for free and then decided to sell it. It is not on Ravelry.

It reads:
Thistle Lace Pattern:
Rows 1-5: Knit.

Row 6: (WS) P1, [yo, p3, sl2p-p1-p2sso, p3, yo, p1], repeat [ ] to end.

Row 7: K2 [yo, k2, sl2p-k1-p2sso, k2, yo, k3], repeat [ ] ending k2

CO 87 sts.

Knit 4 rows.

Row 5 (Set up row) K3, pm, * k10, pm, * repeat ** 6 times, k11, pm, k3.

Rows 6-16 Knitting first and last 3 sts of every row, work repeats of chart row 6-16 between markers (there was no chart included in the download).

Rows 17-32: Knitting first and last 3 sts. of every row, work repeats of chart rows 1-16 between markers.

SO! this is the problem I am fine up to the “set up row” and Row 6, but when I try to do Row 7 it doesn’t work out.

There was no chart included. Is it possible that I am suppose to P a row in between these rows?



I’ll have to look closer when I’m back on the computer, but here’s the picture. I had to Google it because your link wasn’t th pattern.

Jan, the link is a great help.
The pattern starts out with the Thistle Lace Pattern with 3sts on each end in garter st. Row 6 adds up to 81sts plus 3sts on each end for 87sts but row 7 doesn’t add up. And it looks as though you’ll need a chart for the continuation of the Thistle Lace. It’s worth an email to the site to see what you’re missing and whether you need to pay for the entire pattern.

Both rows have a repeat of 10 sts, and row 6 has one before the repeat. On row 7, the last repeat you do, you’ll end with k2 instead of k3. Having a plain row in between won’t change the number of sts used or needed.

It does look like you need the chart for rows 8-16 though, so you should contact the site and ask about it and if there’s any corrections. Maybe the chart will be correct.

Thanks Jan!

Thank you Sue, I sent her a PM, she is also with, but her pattern isn’t there.