Help with a pattern

I am a beginner and have a question on a pattern I was trying to make when it appears I did not have the right amount of cast on stitches when I came to this part of the pattern:

Cast on 38 stitches in C1 onto US size 7 needles
1-4 Knit C1
5 Knit C2 (RS)
6 Knit C2
7 C1- K6 *Sl2 wyib, K6; repeat from * 2 times, Sl2, K6
8 C1- K4, P2 * Sl2 wyif, P6; repeat from * 2 times, Sl2, P2, K4

Did I do something wrong or is the pattern wrong?

38 is okay it’s just how you read the pattern - knit the first 6, do sl2, k6 then repeat those sts twice [I]more,[/I] then sl2 k6 at the end. It needs the word more there because you work the sl2, k6 3 times total, then again at the end.